Monday, May 11, 2015

Focus Shelley... FOCUS!

I have always dreamed about being in FOCUS magazine! That dream became a reality the other month when I was given the opportunity to advertise my business in a segment called 'Women in Business.' I was beyond excited! I then said, my next dream is to be on the cover! I nearly cried when I was asked to attend a photoshoot that was for the cover!!!

You can read my article here:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Night Bazaar

So, it's now December and this is my first post for the year!
I'm still here, just working away behind the scenes.

Last Saturday night was the first ever Night Bazaar in Taree and it went off with a bang, with an estimated 5000 - 7000 attendants!!
It was my first time running a market stall and I loved every minute of it, the atmosphere was great.
In the weeks running up to the Night Bazaar I was designing posters, making necklaces and sewing, preparing signage and new branding for 'Creative Shell @ the markets.'

This photo appeared in the Manning River Times.

The night started off slow, but towards the end I was shocked to find that nearly all of my posters had sold! Below are a few of the things I was selling.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Creative Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Creative Shell is donating 20% of all proceeds to the cause throughout October!
The month will finish with a 27km walk (the 7 bridges walk) to raise money for the cancer council. All donations are very much appreciated - you could help save a life!

(Click here to donate)

My Mum's Story
18 years ago my Mum was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, and was told her chances of survival were slim.
The survival rate for a woman who is diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer over a span of 5 years is about 16 to 20%. The odds were slim but she has not only survived 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, but 18 years!! She still isn't cured because It can always come back. But it is an absolute miracle that she is alive today! That is my motivation for the 7 Bridges Walk!
She is unable to do the walk herself, so I want to do it for her and raise money for others who have suffered and are suffering like my Mum did!

Myself, Mum & my brother xx

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jim's Fragrance

Everyone in Australia knows Jim Penman! 
It all started with Jim's Mowing - now expanded to Jim's Group which has over 3000 franchises Australia wide and includes :
  • Jim's Antennas
  • Jim's Bookkeeping
  • Jim's Dog wash
  • Jim's Computer Services
Is there anything Jim doesn't do??

I thought it was about time he brought his own fragrance line out!! So to help him out I've designed a concept for him: 'Fresh Lawn' for men... and women if you're into that! Would you buy this? haha!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sabbath Ideas App

How exciting! My first app design!
Here we have my logo design
A magazine advertisement for ACCENT magazine
A sneak peak of the app!

The Sabbath is a weekly day of rest or time of worship. It is a day of religious observance and abstinence from work and is kept from sunset on Friday evening to sunset on Saturday evening. is an app which has a large collection of activities to do on the Sabbath, you can view ideas and even submit your own ideas. Even if you don't take part in the Sabbath it still has some great activities you can do on the weekend. 

Unfortunately, this app is still being developed so it cannot be downloaded yet. Just a few more weeks and tweaks to go!

For more info visit:



Project'89 is a non profit organisation that raises money for orphans in Uganda. 
A simple but effective logo design was required, that would reflect Uganda, orphans and help in some way. 
Below is the final result:

These were 2 other concepts that were explored.

Ms Saunders

Isn't Nancy just stunning!??
Believe it or not, there are her 'BEFORE' pictures! Before her 6 week hard core training stint.
This was just a fun, muck around shoot we did at 5:30am before the sun was up, and before the rest of the town were up haha! They turned out pretty good If I say so myself!
Nancy has not been edited at all - impressed?
I bet you're looking forward to seeing the 'AFTER' photos aren't you? xx